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Thanking God for prayers unanswered
should be a regular pilgrimage

daily thanks sent heavenward as well for
pleadings ignored, deals never made,
proposals not acknowledged, pleas not
granted, abstract make-a-wishful thinking,
and rejection from past potential dates

second guessing goes against my better
adult judgment, yet fits my quirky analytical
ways so thankfulness is sometimes a struggle

I guess thanks for discernment are in order

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Meditative bombast

What I have inflicted on life and
its responsorials and reprisals
on me have proven that regrets
teach – if you do the homework

things, events once inexplicable
are simply lessons learned in an
evolving matriculation; tuition
deferred, knowledge incurred,
debits carried forward, erased

Unlike my youthful self
I am far less Dylanesque, unless
positively traveling Fourth Street

Such is life, such am I – and you?
in spite of failures and shortfalls,
perhaps because of them,
subsequent successes make me
realize it has all come so swiftly,
sweetly and simply by way of
perspiration born of desperation

and plain dumb luck

To be sure of life is to know that
failure equals inspiration,
while youthful triumph is just rote
mathematical miscalculation.

Success (survival) is startling news.

Here I stand, having purged the
regrets, how-comes and what-ifs;
sweetly savoring varietal
demons as muse.