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Era or epoch

You can use a sundial
as easily as a Rolex
an egg timer will
perform like a Timex

count the days with
an abacus or hourglass
leather-bound planner
or electronic gizmos

all that matters is the
sun rises, the sun sets
and you are spending
your lifetime with me

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Spiritual hedonism

I look into a mirror and I see myself
I look into myself and I see a mirror

a me that reflects all that I have done
everything that has happened in life
making me the person I have become

Mostly, I like what I see

The reflection mostly makes me smile
sometimes I even laugh out loud at it

Mostly, I am satisfied with the view

Rarely does such reflection cause me
pain or strife, worry or frustration.

Not anymore

That mirror was cracked; distorting
but bad luck and dubious karma cannot
simply be Windexed away without streaks

so I threw it out.