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D-M-V (Love is… #30)

Love is a driver’s license photo

You know who the person in
the picture is – sort of, maybe

you think it is you – your glazed
eye, mug-shot provenance
makes even you double-check

triple-check yourself in the
mirror the morning after

facial expression defying
logical description;
contorted hybrid of happiness
and electrocution-by-chair

It was no innocuous clerk
that issued you this credential,
telling you with mock-courtesy to
have a good day, thank you

you walk away from the counter
new credential proof of who/what,
there are no retakes here

approval from the Department of
Misanthropic vehicles

Love and Romance Relationships Uncategorized

General admonition

Reserved seating

this is not first-come,

you cannot get a ticket
from a scalper

only from my personal
box office

not ‘second-run’ house
my heart is the first-run
feature now playing

only the latest and best

Sit back, relax.
Enjoy the show.

And please keep your
dirty feet off of the seats
in front of you.