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In focus

Grainy black-and-white squares of
life framed in sometimes dated white;
glossy paper mosaic tile dioramas

snippets of life that have given way to
phone-shot, high resolution videos
that show all, tell virtually nothing

You can’t sift through a file full of
instant gratification videos,
you can’t scroll through a pile of
snapshots of folks in old clothes,
funny hair, tagging them for viewers

sieving through grainy black-and-white
squares clamped by thumb, forefinger
along the white border-frame, zooming
in and out by hand to gain better focus
I can see things a whole lot more clearly

Life Philosophies Uncategorized


Opportunities passed by
on roads not taken

supplanted dreams decay
like abandoned motels
rife with rusting signs,
broken neon-script hopes
cracked-concrete dreams

pot-holed asphalt parking
lot rug stitched with weeds

plenty of vacancies