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practice run

roses are dark red
jalapenos can be too
my rhyme scheme haiku

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Shoes; a pair fit in my hand

Shoes sometimes bronzed
for museum-reverence, dusty
display on living room mantle

Unfathomable they once
thundered across hardwood
floors in a symphonic cacophony
of thumping, giggles, pure joy.

Little shoes; toy-like.

Worn soles, tattered seams,
frayed laces a dingy gray

Just a pair of shoes. Hers.

Two little shoes in a box
reminding me of a time when
questions asked were serious,
mock-profound, the answers
given in return simple

not vice versa

She walked in those shoes
a long time ago, and now will
have the chance to walk in mine
and someday, not so many years
ahead, she will have a pair of
little shoes, sitting in a box
and will wax on the unfathomable
truth that her own son once was
small enough to wear them

Shoes. A pair fit in my hand…

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Sinatra shaman
quotes Frank ala Goethe;

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Be studious

When your faith
is tested
your belief doesn’t
get graded

but you do

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I’ve checked

It is no longer a choice to
run away, join the circus

you need to speak to
a recruiter, for screening

so says their website

French Foreign Legion
not an option anymore;
I possess none of the
high-tech skills they are
currently seeking

Ironically, being an outcast
is no longer a desirable,
employable attribute

Even carnies know the I-9
drill, show up at their
kid’s schools for career day.

Escape just isn’t
what it used to be

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Its less a case of
writers block, more bridge-is-
out, take a detour

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Perched. Quietly.

Perched. Lurking.

A homecoming
overture to dance
snidely rebuffed

former friends
wronged, promises
not kept, purposely

someone left behind

Threats made in anger
bitterness and betrayal;
jealousy, envy

Sitting, watching.
Stoic yet tenuous, sinister
yet benign, stone cold
and weathering
watching, waiting…for…?

They are all here
gargoyles on my soul

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Worth pondering in any key

Life is an accordion

the harder you squeeze,
the more discordant
the music

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Pro(lost and)found

Sitting on the beach
in front of my rented

watching others relax
sipping my daiquiri

wondering how sincere
a man can be, ad libbing
his mantra