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dusty hallmarks

on a high shelf, back of my closet
a box filled with greeting cards
anticipating events that will be
potential celebratory moments
categorized for their joyousness
or seriousness depending on the
occasion and personality involved
waiting for the perfect time, the
perfect card for the right person

at the back of the box those
lesser cards; sympathy, praise,
‘thank yous’ and ‘hang toughs’
many of the accompanying
envelopes are yellowing with
timeless neglect, waiting for
the right time, just the right
person’s perfect salutation

my dusty top-shelf box of cards
is Pandora’s; reminding me of
prescient advice a wise old man
once gave me; “Send the flowers
while people can still smell them.”

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recouping pencil:
triumphant, returning from
my workload Elba