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Admiringly told I
‘didn’t have an insecure
bone’ in my body

I gracefully thanked the
impromptu diagnostician
while silently questioning
his medical conclusion

having double checked
every x-ray and CAT scan
the evidence on film seems
supportively in favor of my
more cautious second opinion

while acknowledging
simply for comparison that no
radiologist had ever located
my ample funny bone
I could accept his initial
conclusion knowing that any
treatment options would be
fairly limited anyway

make no bones about it
the Röntgenesque tribute
while flawed, was more
amusing resident-intern
error than fatal verdict

Mark Lucker

Faith Introspection Uncategorized


The expanse is self-inflicted
a self-exiled expatriate;
I am here, not there

answered a calling, have since done my
best at least pretty well considering
restraints with which I had to work

sometimes I feel
my work here done
my time here over
needed elsewhere,
so I try to believe

but the work here is far from finished
though I would prefer it be for me

there are times I think someone else
needs to take their turn at this thing
as I have been here, done that

God has yet to agree.

Life off the playground is not about
taking turns everybody does not get into
the game (their choice) so I keep working
at all of it, trying hard, doing what I can,
attempting to practice the patience I
once employed abundantly in tougher
times and situations

Awaiting God’s answers
to questions I am not sure
I know how to even ask
is my symbol to bear

In seeking clarity to a calling maybe I
need to be more specific in expressing
my tepidly unique, evolving, reservations

Mark Lucker