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I eschew sex.romans

Firmly entrenched
now in middle age
I have found the act
wanting, boring

the physicality dull,
old hatDonQuixote and Dulcinea

has lost its interest
in me

shunning sex,
I have discovered
making lovepotterswheel

It is the side effect of
the residue of having
love, lost, found

I am the artistplaydoh
who has traded Play-Doh
for the potter’s wheel

– Mark Lucker

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tartarsauce“Love is like tartar sauce; it looks like hell, you have no
idea what’ in it, but you always seem to find it tasty”.
Me, circa 1990

Witticisms, coined phrases of my
younger years linger around me
trailing like stray dogs followingcoining
me home from the butcher shop

‘scat! go away! don’t follow me’!

But I am not that stern in rebukebassethounds
and what amused others in the
ubiquitous then often stagger
occasionally into the now

which I oftentimes take asmicrophoneonstand
permission to trot out my
verbal dog-and-pony show
sans pony, awash in dogs

blank stares quizzical looks
remind me that as times change
so do my own sensibilities
though at times logic succumbs
to temptation falling off the
cleverness wagon with a thud

accordion2“life is an accordion” I have oft
noted “the harder you squeeze it,
the more discordant the music”

offending more than a few
aficionados of squeeze box music
puzzling others of a musical ilk2204773492_a3171a1168
tone-deaf to my whimsical bent

With age comes fresh insight new
opportunities, chances to start overaudience
with new audiences who have yet
to hear my-one-about-the…

everything old becomes new againSO001038
keeping me in the spirit of going green
salvaging scraps for one more turn

instead of leaving them on a pie panil_fullxfull_404646133_qnon
outside my backdoor for the stray
benign dogs they are to come nosh

– Mark Lucker

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Here on scholarship

“There is no honor amongst thieves05199_V13_I1
even less with trailer-park debutantes”

Early life lesson from a bartender who
worked his bottle opener like a scrapyard
crane operator dumping rusty Chevys
spun a corkscrew as a master drill press
operator teaching an apprentice21-500x347

But that was years ago, when the price
of a drink was considered cheap tuition
whether auditing the neighborhood class
or undergrad-afterthought clubbing

Now I know betterbillets 100 dollars #23

You pay for the best education paying
attention to detail, not with Franklins

People tell tales; life instructs,
proctors its own tests
sometimes you get your gradestandardized_testing
rarely are you offered extra credit

Life’s tests are not standardized
multiple choice essays true/false

Just do the homework
02hillary_bskip the cramming
know it or you don’t

Seeing it living it understanding it
where, when it all went south
when you’ve reached the summit
how you did it, maybe could again

sometimes you just walk away

platitudes, platypus, Plato;
you’ve read enough to be dangerousPlato-006
a grandma once told me with sad irony
“You buy ‘em books, you buy ‘em books”

And never the twain shall meet.

What I have learned and can impart
from this side of the weathered bar?gps

Be polite, play nice, share your toys
Life is not always fair because it isn’t
Love and laugh – a lot and with gusto
Look both ways before you cross life

And never trust a vagabond with a GPS.

Mark Lucker

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Three for the 2nd

punxsutawneyphilCozy Den of Iniquity

Wither thou goest
oh, hibernating rodent!
Preach thine prediction!


nod today to the wiener;
happy ground-hog day.


Slovenly groundhogs
stay in bed, Tweet conjecture;
masses, pacified.

Mark Lucker