road.jpgI am catching my second wind
my longing
for home
going back
has overtaken my wanderlust
not that my desire to move
to see, experience
so much more
than I already have
has waned, run out of gas
in the homestretch but

the urge to return has simply
built up more momentum
there is stamina of soul needed
to run this race

and now with home
not any sort of finish line
on the horizon
I realize I can now have the
best of both worlds

meandering, exploring
old haunts, mock-hallowed grounds
can be revisited with
fresh insight, new adventures to be
old places, new faces
new places with familiar faces
finding fresh joy in the
everyday dull

with the perspective now to
revel in the mundane
everything old will be new, again
everything new will remind me

There is refreshment
renewal and appreciation
the more youthful, unaware me
could never comprehend

if something that was, is no more
if the new has no appeal
I can simply move on
eschew regret
find fresh excitement
in the new thing

time changes everything
change is timeless

I can go home now
while acknowledging the freedom
of not desiring to leave
even when you can without pause
such is the acquired wisdom
of an itinerant heart

Yin/Yang of an intrepid
homeward bounding

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2018