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Calling my wife at work

Can I take you to lunch?
Can I take you upstairs?

I have only an hour
to go where I desire
to be taken; taking time
for longings, for lunch
taking time is tempting
as you tempt me,
letting me be taken to
lunch or taken elsewhere
always hungry
because I am always taken
with you.

The rub here is that I need
to be back in an hour – can
we make this order to go?

Call me when you get this.


Uncategorized Working

Résumé I…?


slash-soda jerk;
lumberjack, dishwasher

Early professions,
pocket-money for
adolescence, keen
life-lesson reality
checks still being

Passed the tests
had some laughs

Real, adult life,
full-time living.

Radio announcer.

census taker, house painter,
shopping-mall Santa,
radio station manager
and pumpkin monger;

more life lessons, more
life lived, lived well

Bellman, waiter,
hotel van driver;
security guard, courier,
receptionist, file clerk…

condom inspector? Truly.
Insert your own…

punch-line here.

Warehouses, offices,
loading-docks, fields
and assembly lines;
kitchens, hotels,
dining rooms.

Better hotels, better
dining rooms, still
greasy kitchens

I have pushed pencils,
buttons, products,
wheelbarrows, envelopes,
my limits and other
people’s buttons;
pulled my own weight
and numerous muscles

Suits, ties, uniforms,
dungarees and aprons,
paper hats, hairnets;
work boots, hard hats
and headphones

Been there, worn it,
done it, got paid for it.
Learned, taught, failed,

Experience almost always
counts for something.