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Somedays you’re
the windshield
somedays you’re
the bug

Me? I’m the guy
with the red rag
hanging from gray
overall pocket who
cleans up the mess

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General admonition

Reserved seating

this is not first-come,

you cannot get a ticket
from a scalper

only from my personal
box office

not ‘second-run’ house
my heart is the first-run
feature now playing

only the latest and best

Sit back, relax.
Enjoy the show.

And please keep your
dirty feet off of the seats
in front of you.

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Dunking debunking

Consider the common donut

if you purchase one
it comes with a hole

you can purchase
just the hole, but it
is not a hole at all

it is a ball; a doughy sphere
made from a disc that once was
where the hole is now, yet it was
never truly a hole in its own right

Buy the donut,
you get the hole
buy the hole
you get no donut;

just a glazed orb bearing little
resemblance to the hole it is
supposed to represent

donut sold separately

Life is like a donut:
some days you’re the donut,
some days you’re the hole