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Not in the least

Claims made by
guys on a prom date

can be taken
at their word

if the words are
supported by three

backed up by video
duly notarized

where prohibited
or English is spoken
and understood

words to the wise
folks in the know

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2017

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Not a deep sleep

I used to have a dream where
I had won first prize in a
church raffle: lunch with God

where, over, thin-crust pizza,
I could ask him three questions.
I always lead with an inquiry
about why he made humans

“The hyenas” sayeth God,
as the waitress pours more wine,
“said I didn’t a sense of humor.”
“Guess you showed them, huh?”
replyeth I, with a nod

In my dream, God then laughs
uproariously – looking, for just a
moment like my late uncle Paul
(without salad stuck in his teeth)

This is where the dream always
ends, leaving me to ponder; was
it just a lame dollar-a-ticket raffle,
or am I not much of a dreamer?

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most monochromatically not

I’ve never seen the world
in quaint, stark black and white
even as a child, vivid shades
of gray were crystal clear

I have always seen life for what
it really is; unnamed, unruly tints
and hues both opaque and austere

seeing life as purely black-and-white
takes a special color blindness that
I did not inherit via nature or nurture

in the life-box of sixty-four Crayolas
the cylinder labeled ‘Ambiguous’ is
neither a shade of black nor hue of white
and gray is simply the most realistic arc
on color spectrum, the crayon always
in pieces in the box, broken from overuse,
flattened on one side from all the shading

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Troikas, I

Dislike your albatross
necklace? Accessorize
with matching brooch

* * *

“Gone to the dogs!”
denigrates dogs
let’s cats off the hook

* * *

I am the black sheep
of an oddly monochrome
familial flock

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Troikas, III

Two steps forward, three back:
even with castanets you flunk the
nice officers roadside dance test

* * *

If you date a girl
half your age, she will
expect twice as much

* * *

If the call for nonconformists to
unite goes unheeded, keep
the deposit they made on the hall

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Troikas, IV

Burning, bitter, soulfully sweet;
my first taste of whiskey
my first sip of you

* * *

My father; blue-collar guy who
aspired to more, never quite made it.
Don Quixote with bowling ball lance

* * *

Overdrawn again from the
bank of good fortune.
Let all those checks bounce.