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Old man sits alone
park bench, chill wind
stainless steel walker
appears to cage him in

captivity in the outdoors

The man twitches oddly,
erratically, ever more
violently, piquing concern
tinged curiosity;

Parkinson’s, perhaps?
Some other disorder?
Should I call 911?

Presuming my assistance
I walk his way, stop short;

beatific smile not evident
from my original vantage,
what appears at first glance
a hearing aid is an ear bud,
hooked to an iPod, dangling
from the same lanyard as
his medical alert pendant

Moments ago, his prim,
gray fedora seemed askance
in my alarm, but now I see
is simply cocked jauntily,
the nervous twitch on the
walker bar is simply keeping
the beat to a groove I never,
in my ignorance, considered

By poetluckerate

I am a poet, writer, and teacher who moved from Minnesota to New Orleans in 2008 then returned to Minnesota in 2018 - hopefully, to stay.

I lived in the most urban of settings, and the rural Midwest. These perspectives impact my writing in very unique ways.