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the appreciation of
an understanding
that you stand not alone

mindful of abundance
not dependent on it

honest thanks is given
freely, sincerely, often

with malice toward none,thanksgivingpoem5
charity for all


thankfulness is no
appreciation of
personal abundance

never simply

a pre-feast prayer of
appreciation for
a bountiful table


giving of thanks
is acknowledgement
of your indebtedness

God, family, friends
countless life paths
crossed by forgottenthanksgivingpoem4
foes, friends, folks

authentic gratitude
begets awareness

appreciation of purpose
gratefulness of life
thankfulness to others

giving of thanks is
honest giving of self

Mark Lucker

By poetluckerate

I am a poet, writer, and teacher who moved from Minnesota to New Orleans in 2008 then returned to Minnesota in 2018 - hopefully, to stay.

I lived in the most urban of settings, and the rural Midwest. These perspectives impact my writing in very unique ways.

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